Skin Checks

Skin cancer kills nearly 2,000 people in Australia every year. It is important to get your skin checked regularly for suspicious spots. A new mole or an itchy spot could be a cancer. Dr Andy Shen is experienced in the diagnosis, analysis and removal of skin lesions. Our equipped clinic allow us to perform most excisions and biopsies on site.

A full body skin check, is bulk billed for all patients, and is performed by Dr Shen using a Dermatoscope, a specialised medical tool. In the event the Dr Shen identifies any spots/moles of being suspicious of skin cancer, he will discuss potential treatment options with you, which could involve immediate mole removal or biopsy. These will be sent to laboratory for testing and confirmation. The results of the tests will be discussed with you at the next appointment including any subsequent management. We will also provide you with information regarding any follow up and skin cancer care/surveillance, as appropriate.

If you are due for a full skin check, or if you have noticed a change in the appearance of freckles or sunspots, please book an appointment today with Dr Andy Shen online or by calling 03 9898 0610.

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