Pre-employment Medicals

We are seeing an increase in employers requiring pre-employment medicals to be undertaken prior to finalising an offer of employment as part of a risk management approach. Medical assessments can identify health factors that may impact on the ability for a person to fulfil a role, travel overseas and identify ways to protect them in potentially harmful work environments.

We offer a range of Employment Medical Assessments and can tailor to meet the specific employer requirements and position.

A standard Pre-Employment can include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Vision
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Urinalysis
  • Spirometry (airflow)
  • Doctor review of:
    • medical history questionnaire
    • Oral and ear
    • Peripheral vision
    • Skin
    • Cardiovascular
    • Respiratory
    • Abdominal
    • Nervous system
    • Basic musculoskeletal.

To book a pre-employment medical please call us on 03 9898 0610.